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Extra support for seniors


We have had many years of experience in senior care and we recognize that often seniors/ elderly people do not actually need a person who takes care of them at home, doing the housework or cooking for them. But what they do really need is a reliable companion, because sometimes they have trouble walking, or they need a wheelchair or a walker to help them. Or simply because where they want to go is further away and it would be easier or more convenient to go by car.

Just when you need…

Maybe they need to go to the doctor, or the dentist. But also to make an arrangement, or to go to an official center, or to go shopping at the mall, the hairdresser, the physiotherapist…

Perhaps you have a relative that you cannot accompany as long as you would like. But  you want him to have a walk, or meet friends, or go out for a drink, or just to have a person to have a chat with him, if he lives alone.

For that reason, we have created our new service: COMPANION SERVICE-EXTRA SUPPORT FOR SENIORS. Without commitments, without permanence, only when you need it, and for the time that you need it. And if you are not Spanish… Do not worry, we speak English!!

From three hours a week.


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